Attendance & Scheduling

We have built a comprehensive and smart attendance and scheduling management application for you. By using TreeIntel attendance and scheduling software, you can manage your both Shift & non-Shift employees at the same time unlike other solutions in the market. We grantee our application would be able to meet all your workforce requirements in this regard.

Time entries ways:

Mobile App

Mobile App

Web time Card

Web Time Card

Time Clock Kiosk

Time Clock Kiosk

Manual Timesheets

Manual Timesheets

Attendance & Scheduling Features

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Build required schedules in minutes and then Publish it to your teams.

Shift Swap Find Replacement

Shift Swap & Find Replacement

You can swap shifts between teams and find replacement staff for Sick leave, extended or dropped shifts.


Paid & unpaid Breaks

Create and manage multiple breaks for each shift and employee.

Control Wage Costs

Control wage Costs

Increase profits by giving the date that your managers need to control wage spend.

Workforce Compliant

Workforce Compliant

Create and manage all sort of overtime packages and break-enforcement to ensure your compliance with local labor laws without sacrificing your services.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking (Who’s working)

By using our advances GPS tracking feature, your manager would know where their employees are during business hours.



By using notification centers, you can notify your employees for every event including their shift and on-time clock in and out.

Time Clock

Time Clock(Biometric & Geolocation)

Track employee attendance with Geo-location, biometric facial recognition and finger print.

Custom Timesheets Fields

Custom Timesheets Fields

You can add any field, which your business requires in your timesheets like mileage, tips and more.



Assign one-time or recurring tasks to your employees and get notified when they start working on it and when it’s done.


Leave and Unavailability management

Simply track and manage your staff leave entitlements, request and approval. You can create any kind of Leave policy, which your business requires.


Custom Role & Permissions

Create and assign any permission levels and roles. Fully administrable access control.


Timesheets package

Our software will automatically collect all employees’ timesheets by end of pay period and will send them to approvers to ensures there won’t be any delay on staff paychecks.


Multiple approval levels

Create up to 5 approval levels to control employees’ timesheets and payroll.


Conflict Checker

Built-in conflict checker will let you know if any of employee’s timesheets is not in line with your business’s policies. This will help you save ton of times and ensure that everyone gets paid as they should.(neither over paid nor under paid)

Advances Reporting Analytics

Advances Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced reporting and analytical dashboards to extract valuable information. Have complete visibility over labor requirements, wage cost, attendance, payroll, performance and many more.



With our advanced Self-service you can manage your team attendance easily.